ACP Composites is a pioneer in composite technology, and we have been providing innovative solutions to our customers since 1985. Our staff has a wide range of application knowledge and experience in materials, fabrication methods, and systems for combining composites with other materials.

We produce composite panels, tubes, and rods for a variety of industries including medical and aerospace.

ACP specializes in rapid turnaround on prototype parts, and is able to work from your concept or sketch as well as from CAD drawings. ACP also specializes in secondary operations on fabricated parts, such as CNC machining and edge finishing,

We work with your specific design requirements, including research and development.

Composite Sandwich Panels
We manufacture honeycomb, foam, or balsa core flat panels up to 5' x 10', in any range of thicknesses. We offer a range of edge closeouts and insert options.

Composite Laminates
We manufacture solid flat panels in carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass up to 5' x 10', in any range of thicknesses. We offer a range of inserts for these panels.

Composite Tubes and Rods
We manufacture composite tubes from .250 inch to 3.00 inch diameter, and rods from .010 inch to 1 inch in diameter, up to 96 inches.

Formed Composite Structures
Complex shapes can be molded from composite fabrics or a combination of fabric, plate, and tube materials. ACP can advise on tooling and machining best practices for these parts.

Stock Products
In addition to our custom composite manufacturing, we also sell a wide range of stock products, including ready-to-use plate, tube, and sheet composite materials. We also offer composite reinforcement fabrics, epoxy resins, vacuum bagging systems and composite fabrication supplies.